The Shotty!Edit

Boom chik chik! Meet the shotgun folks. One of the best guns on whatever map you may happen to be on. It is good for close range assault and defence. However, if the person you are shooting at has an oil drum attached to them, I wouldn't suggest firing at them close enough to kill them.

You can find this gun by busting open crates with A Metal Bar and its variants.

The rifle!Edit

The rifle is perfect for taking out medium range targets before they can take you out. Best used for defence.

This can be found by going into a gun shop.(Medium sized wooden building on every map)

The sniper!Edit

Otherwise known as the scoped rifle, this gun can take down enemies from very far away. The scope can be activated by pressing Q. It is perfect for defensive maneuvers like taking out Suicide Bombers and raiders before they can destroy things and kill people. However, do not use this for close range battles because due to the small clip size, you would frequently have to reload.

You can make a sniper by combining a Scope with a normal rifle


The pistol is an amazing gun, but somewhat weak. It is an all purpose weapon that will be effective short to medium range. For best accuracy, press C and Q at the same time.