There are many ways to play the popular game on Roblox, Survival Apocalypse. There are some as evil as pyro, simple as noob, and complicated as a colony leader.

Simple - Usually for the newer people or people who got in to the game 5 seconds ago.

Noob - Someone new to the game. Needs to learn the recipes and try not to get killed. This is not normally a desired play style but probably the only one that comes naturaly and is eventually out grown.

Chicken - Content to sit inside a building cowering in fear until they get the idea to troll, thrive, or play a new game.

Troll - The noobs that get angry and want revenge, or just the noobs that get pleasure out of other's demise.

Pyro - Loves to set things on fire and use them against you. They may be noobs but they are a force to be reckoned with. Once someone has put your home to the flame make sure that you remember who they are and kill them before they get too close.

Bomber - One of the few trolls that are not noobs. They know what they are doing and will blow up your base, kill you, then steal your stuff. If you know of a bomber either get them on your side or kill them quick.

Theif - What most trolls usually become. While others may hate you this is a valid way to live. If you want to live rich with little work then this is the way to go. Just try to be sneaky, try not to be spotted at all times.

More work needed.