Okay, firstly, the definition of tactics: Hints

But not literally hints XD

1. When handling a gun, and a Zombie is chasing you, zoom all the way in and scroll over to the Zombie. It will be much easier to shoot it. Remember “The 0nl1n3 Gamer”‘s saying “HEAD-SHOT” (Not gonna finnish the saying)

2. In gun fights (eek), Zoom in all the way and zig zag, this way you can dodge the bullets easily. Make a careful aim though. Again, remember, HEADSHOTS!!!

3. If your opponent in a gun fight is zig zaging, you can zig zag too, but shoot the bullets the way they are going, for example, the side of them, they will hopefully hit (or run into) the bullet and be injured.

4. Going on a journey? Some people pretend to use back-packs (Ammo packs on their backs. Oh look a rhyme!) , this is useful but you could lose your back-pack if you die. I’d forage the items you would need on a journey (food, water etc) and start the journey.

5. Moving? Keep your buildings where they are and find the space you need, when you get there, you can re-tool them, and place them where you want. (This is because if you re-tool them, and die, you can’t get them back. Also, dont try storing them, when you try, you won’t be finding them in your tools pocket.

6. Spying? This can get you into a lot of trouble. But you need to be sneaky. Try getting out the victims humanoid. If they see your name they could know your spying on them. Zoom out and get to a good hiding spot. If you need to see their chat, go to a good distance and zoom all the way out.

7. Raiding? Don’t get me started on this. Remember, get two guns instead of one, and load each one with millions of ammo. Get more guns if you think you will need them. You can store the guns so when you die, you still have a gun to raid with! A Raid isn’t a proper Raid if you don’t bring a lighter – you can light things and then they’ll be angry. Just make sure your base is secure and fireproof before you raid. They could come back to you at any moment and try raiding YOU.

8. Making friends? I suggest you make friends with Colonies. You may not join the Colony of move there, but you could ship them, food, water things like that!

9. Getting to safety? If you are being attacked without any weapons, then you will need to get to safety. I’d suggest shaking off your tail (Which means getting a follower away from you.)